The Free Polish Krakusy Society was founded in 1903 with the the following goals:

  • To promote the general welfare of its members by aiding and assisting its members in time of need, sickness and death.
  • To provide recreation and entertainment for its members.
  • To participate, aid and assist in charitable, cultural, education, fraternal and civic causes for the good of the community, state and nation.
  • To own and acquire by gift, deed, devise or purchase real, personal and mixed property and sell and encumber the same. 

Currently, the society finds itself working again to fulfill goals similar to that of the society's founders.  

Current Officers and Trustees:

President Piotr Piechuta
Vice-President Andrzej Krupa
Financial Secretary Michal Piechuta 
Treasurer Justyna Querio
Recording Secretary David Bogatek
Marshall  Chester Tofilski
Door-Keeper Jacek Jagusztyn
Trustee Joseph Magielski Sr. 
Trustee Edward Jagusztyn
Trustee  Mike Modelski
Standards Bearer Dan Querio